Friday, June 25, 2010

Toe Boogers & Foot Munching

Oh, nap time was quite a fiasco today. 
I think my Facebook post sums it up:
Apparently my girls didn't get the memo about this being nap time ... NHV is complaining of "boogers" on her toes and CJV is practicing her new skill ... foot munching! Seriously, girls, give your feet a rest already!
I had just made it back downstairs after going through the whole nap time ritual-rig-a-ma-roll, when heard NHV calling through the monitor - in an almost panicked voice, "Dare's a b..... mmmm ... toe." All I could think was somehow a BUG got in her bed and bit her on the toe. I raced upstairs - imagining some huge spider taking a chunk out of her foot - to find Natalie standing on her bed. She had (that bane of my existence) binky in her mouth making it difficult to understand what she was saying. But she was adamantly saying, "Mommy, dere's a booger on my toe."  Here's the really funny part.  Natalie was not referring to a green, slimy bit from her nose.  For some reason, her word for a hang nail is "booger."  In deed she did have a funky bit of nail on her big toe.  Grabbed the clippers, banished the booger, and told her to go to sleep!  Thankfully, once the booger was taken care of, my daughter, the power napper, slept for 3 hours!

In the room across the hall, CJV was chattering away.  I peeked in and just had to laugh.  My tiny 6.5 month old was folded in half.  Holding her right foot with her right hand.  Bringing those cute tootsies right up to her mouth and having a taste!  She was so amused by the whole thing!  When she noticed me watching her, she got the biggest smile on her face ... and so did I.  But a nap was much needed, so I scooped her up, gave her my signature sway-and-pat, told her to put her toes away it was time to nap, and headed back downstairs to start on my To Do list.  Yeah, right, 40 minutes later and several more trips upstairs, - each time finding her with foot in hand - and CJV just would not take a nap.  Finally, I grabbed my camera and went to get her.  She rewarded me with the genuine look of happiness to see me ... even more endearing is the fact that she released the hold she had on her foot in order to wave her hands excitedly.

Just about the time Natalie was waking up, Charlotte was ready to go back down for an actual nap.  Her timing is impeccable!  Sometimes the naps just do not align .... sigh.


Mommy Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun day anyway! ;)

Chi-town momma said...

toe boogers...cracks me up!
Look at what a smiley little girl CJV is! I love it when they find their feet!

Anonymous said...
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BJ_Mama said...

AHHH! TOE BOOGERS! WHAT is THIS WORLD COMING TOO! I'm now afriad to take a nap myself!

Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough. ....................................................................

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