Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snapshot: Favorites

Natalie is just about one month shy of 3 years old ... insert disbelief and sniffles here! Today while we made rainbow rice and played stickers and did puzzles, I asked her about her Favorite things and kept a piece of paper handy to record her answers.
  1. Color: "Red," pronounced with an extra syllable so it sounds like ray-ed.
  2. Sesame Street Character: "Elmo ... cuz Elmo is ray-ed, mommy!"
  3. Book: "All of dem," said with a big smile :)  Her all-time favorite is an anthology of Little Critter stories, and her current bedtime must-have is a huge book of fairy tales.
  4. Letters: "M, O, and P."  Hmmmm ... guessing she has no idea what that spells ...  nobody likes to mop, right?!
  5. Number: "Two.  Dat's how many I am, mommy!"
  6. Treasure: "Rocks!"  Anytime we are outdoors, Natalie collects treasures - mainly rocks, leaves, and sticks. In the house, she collects "stuff or fings" and carries something around in each hand most of the day.  I am so intrigued by this phase.
  7. Snack(s): "Yogurt Melts, Teddy Grahams, and peanut butter crackers from Trader Joes."
  8. Movie: "Da DI-no-saur moo-bee," referring to Ice Age 3, which her friend Emmett introduced her to and her Aunt Missy gave her ... without the case, as NHV likes to remind me.
  9. Princess: "Cinderella.Natalie is fairly new to the whole Disney princess obsession, but princesses are definitely a favorite thing right now.  Yesterday she was Sleeping Beauty.  Today Cinderella gets a turn.
  10. Place to Go: Cee-Cee's House
  11. Store: "Target!"  Why? "Cuz we go to the baby aisle when we are at Tar-get."
  12. Restaurant: "Chipotle!"  Natalie gobbles up the guacamole with a spoon!
  13. Song to Sing: "Da A-B-C song!"
  14. Song to Listen to: "Caspar Babypants!" Yes, we like anything sung by Caspar Babypants!
  15. Thing to do at the park: "Swing, but we half-ta wait our turn, right mommy?"


    Oliver'sMom said...

    What a great post! Totally reminded me that I need to do the same for Oliver as he is THREE TODAY!!! Oh my goodness...I have a three year old...SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Of course, the meltdown last night about not getting his school cupcakes right when we bought them should have made it feel more real, LOL. I love her answers, just makes me want to give her a hug because she's so stinkin cute!

    PS-I have the CUTEST skirt all ready for my favorite little model!

    Oliver'sMom said...

    PS-What's "rainbow rice"? DO TELL!

    *LLUVIA* said...


    Strangely enough, I'm probably the only person in the world who enjoys mopping!!! :D

    Rainbow rice? mmmmm.....!

    BTW, check out my giveaway if get a chance. :)

    Emmett Joseph said...

    Love that girl! Everytime I look at the Ice Age DVD case, I think of her :)

    BJ_Mama said...

    She is SO SMART! I LOVE IT! and CUTE ta-boot!

    Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

    Thanks for reminding me that I want to do this for SP, especially with his second birthday coming up! Will make a great addition to his scrapbook if I ever get around to doing it, but at least I can post it on my blog like you did in the meantime!

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