Thursday, June 17, 2010

Divide & Conquer

Most evenings - after dinner - Chad and I go our separate ways.  I take care of Charlotte, while he takes on the bigger challenge of getting Natalie ready for bed.  Some evenings I really miss that time with Natalie, but mostly I cherish this one-on-one time with Charlotte.  Tonight happened to be bath night (we do this every other night for the sake of sensitive skin), which prolongs the process but also gives me even more reasons to love my share of the Divide & Conquer  ...
  1. It's calm and quiet - no screaming or whining or questioning.
  2. My second born gets my full attention, which is hard to come by during the hustle and bustle of our day.
  3. My little baby - all 11.5 pounds of her - is so adorable in all her naked glory!
  4. Infant splashing is fun and cute - even when water gets all over the mirror! 

  5. Did I mention it's calm and quiet?
  6. Putting lotion, a diaper, and then pajamas on a toddler involves a chase scene. That's definitely not the case with CJV - at least not yet!
  7. I don't have to answer any questions.
  8. That fresh from the tub smell!  Well, I get that from Natalie, too ... but it's just different on a baby ... mainly because she puts up with my sniffing. 
  9. Which book we read and which song I sing ... yep, those are both MY choice :)
  10. I am finished and typing this blog post while Chad is still upstairs reading a second book and answering a bunch of questions!  The trade-off of which is that Charlotte and I will get even more "alone" time in the middle of the night and in the early morning.  Now we're even!


singedwingangel said...

OH I miss those quiet mommy and baby moments more then anything.. Especially late night ones. It was nothign when hubby worked 3rd to come in and find me snuggle din the recliner with a baby sleeping soundly in my arms...

The Clark's said...

So Cute. I love the quiet baby moments too. It reminds me of when I'm just done feeding Alex. He looks up at me with the biggest smile and tries to talk but can't seem to get anything out. He just locks eyes with me and grins ear to ear. It melts my heart. I know it will not be long and he will be a chatter box just like older sister. Why are we in such a rush to get them to talk?

Janna said...

Oh yes the naked glory of a baby and I love how you have captured her in black and white. So timeless, color doesn't interrupt her beauty.

Thanks for the kind comments about my first attempt at a children's book:)

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Do you and Chad ever switch? I've been skipping more and more of SP's bathtimes as I get larger and more uncomfortable, and I find myself missing that particular bonding time with him - even if I do love getting some quiet time! I was thinking we might want to trade off when we're doing the divide and conquer. Curious what you think about that. Maybe not until Charlotte sleeps through the night? : )

Emmett Joseph said...

I call dibs on giving Charlotte her bath when you visit next month! Oh, and Emmett has already said that Natalie can take a bath with him and he will even share his "ammals" with her--now that is love!

SwizzlestickMama said...

We also use the Divide & Conquer method currently. I do miss my time with Stink; and when that happens, I crawl into bed with him for a quick snuggle while he is sleeping.

He doesn't know, but I tell him in the morning. He loves it.

I also like the one on one time with Peach-- and not feeling rushed. Also why I loved nursing so much.

BJ_Mama said...

awww...I can't wait to snuggle a new, fresly bathed, baby!!!!
...I can almost smell it already!

吳俊祥 said...
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