Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Picasa & Photo Collages

Are you digging my photo Collages as much as I am? I tend to take A LOT of photos - often times of the same thing, like Natalie playing on the doormat or Chad and Natalie opening his birthday present - and it's always so hard to choose just one shot from the dozens I've downloaded! The answer to my OCD picture taking ... a collage! But not just any old collage (whatever that means). A collage created using Google's Picasa, the best, most user-friendly and FREE photo editing software out there. To make a collage, you simple select the photos (holding down the Ctrl key allows you select multiple photos) and then click the button at the bottom of the screen at says, "Collage." Magically, wonderfully your photos are blended together into one image and saved to your computer ... viola! You can embed that image in your blog or print it or just gaze at it lovingly on your computer screen ... whatever floats your boat!
Oh, the other fabulous thing about Picasa ... there are like a hundred things I love about this program ... it has a partnership with Blogger. How cool is that?
When I have another minute - when Natalie isn't due to wake up from her morning nap at any minute, I'll try to remember to post more info about Picasa ... it truly is delightful!

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~d said...

I'VE SOOOO BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS.. yahhhhhhh! can't wait to try!

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