Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good-bye White, Hello Pretty

So the blah white background was cramping my style a little. Instead of working on my growing To Do List while NHV snoozes away the morning, I've been playing around with my site ... adding a background, changing fonts, and what-not. The template is from a site called Cutest Blog on the Block ... and well, as my buddy Debby can attest to, anything from "the block" must be a good thing! Anyway, I found the CBOTB thanks to my new Live Feed thingy, which is thanks to the very Debby I just mentioned. It seems someone found me via a Google search, and I looked at those results and found this blog called Mommy in the Woods, and her template was created by CBOTB ... ah, full circle moment! And did I mention my new template was free and beyond easy-to-use ... even though it required some html tampering?

I'm loving it ... at least for now. Oh, there's also a new photo of "Me and My Baby Girl." I was so over the tulips and this was the only recent shot I have of the two of us - it's one of those stick-your-arm-out-and-push-the-button pics that I rely on to capture the two of us - cause it's not like my husband is going to remember to take a few photos of us together!

Alright, time to knock out a few items on that darn To Do List ... make signs for garage sale, update planner with appointments, clean up the kitchen, check craigslist for Ergo, make my bed ... a SAHM's job is never done :)


~d said...

So cute.
So give up how to do the title .. How did you DO THAT??
I've loved it since I set foot round these parts.

GUide me sensai.

Lisha said...

Hello. I am stopping by via Debby's blog. Your blog is so cute and I will be visiting again!

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