Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Anyone who knows me knows I love birthdays. And while I love my birthday the most, it can also be a lot of fun to celebrate someone else's ... especially now that we get to watch Natalie's reaction to the festivities. It's like seeing events for the first time through her eyes. Yesterday was Chad's 34th Birthday; how is it possible that we are creeping toward mid-thirties? Can I really say creeping when in actuality it feels more like sprinting? As usual, I digress.
I think the photos capture just how special it was to celebrate Chad's birthday, for the first time since he became a dad. Here's a little collage for your enjoyment.

Natalie was right in there - every step of the gift opening process. Chad was just as interested in watching her as in finding out what was in the box. Thanks to my brother Tyler, Chad got exactly what he wanted for his birthday ... a hang board, used for building upper body strength. And he got to hang it in our family room where he can practice anytime he wants ... as opposed to in the garage where it just would've collected dust, lots and lots of dust. We've decided to refer to it as a sacred Mayan artifact; seems more exotic that way.

But that wasn't Chad's only gift. Natalie got him a bouquet of balloons and a bag of Skor bars - this absolute favorite candy bar. I figured it would be a good idea to start the tradition of getting a gift from Natalie because ... well, that's one more gift I can expect on my birthday :)

The rest of the birthday festivities revolved around food. I made Gene's meatloaf recipe and Margie's Cherry Cheesecake. Both were delicious ... even the meatloaf, a meal that made me cringe in my childhood.

So, Happy 34th, Chad Patrick. Here's to your first birthday as a daddy and many more to come!

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