Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have you heard of eebee?

Come on, eebee's adventures is the latest, craziest thing to hit the baby DVD market. And we here at the Verhoff residence dig ourselves some eebee! The songs are terribly catchy ... meaning Chad and I can't stop singing, humming, whistling them. And the puppet baby is as freakish - multicolored body, dreads for hair - as he (she?) is adorable. See what I mean?

And the little shows (about 10 minutes each) feature real babies and adults interacting with everyday items - balls, cups, an inclined plane (fancy, huh?), bins full of Cheerios and rice, water, ... and the website claims it's all "research-based" so I can't feel too bad about sitting my 10 month old in front of the old tube for a few minutes of peace ... and catchy music.
We found eebee completely by accident but Natalie's ... ummm, we've ... been hooked ever since. Our cable - the cable service we no longer have - offered On Demand, and I was tooling through the menu one day when I discovered a whole "kids" section. Major excitement for a new parent!
Since we no longer have cable - a sacrifice of a year spent as a SAHM (and not making any money) and really there wasn't ever anything on cable we wanted to watch anyway - I keep trying to tell myself ... anyway, we no longer have cable, but we do have eebee! Target and Parents have teamed up to bring a line of DVDs and CDs to the millions of Target-shopping mommas out there - holler! And so during a recent trip to the local Target (pronounced with a goofy French accent), I purchased a little slice of eebee heaven in the form of a 4-segment, 40 minute DVD.
Later that night, just as Natalie was perched on the edge of a meltdown, and I had a brilliant idea ... eebee to the rescue! So I hand Chad the DVD, scooped up Natalie from her pile of toys, and headed for the couch for a front-row seat. Like 10 minutes later (and way into a bout of the fussies) ... after fighting, tearing, scratching at the insane cellophane straightjacket of packaging ... Chad looks at me and says, "Is it really necessary to deter theft of a DVD for babies? What kind of mom would steal an eebee DVD?" And, seriously, no one other than a parent is going to be interested enough in eebee to think of stealing it! Once again, Chad had me laughing with his practical view of our world :)
Gotta run ... my 10 minutes of eebee distraction is just about up. Who am I kidding, I started a second segment like 2 minutes ago ... I know so bad ... but I have one more thing to share.
Chad and Natalie playing together - eebee-style - with an inclined plane and balls:

How cute is Chad in his comfy pants?

After much rolling of balls and sliding of various blocks down the ramp, Natalie decided to give it a try:

And, yes, she learned the all important physics property ... what goes up must come down. eebee is one smart baby puppet!

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eebee said...

As the creator of eebee's adventures, I wanted to introduce myself as well as say thanks for your kind words and insights about our "baby." I chanced upon your posting a while back when you first put it up, and then again recently. I'd love to set up a time to speak with you more about the "adventures," our approach, what you and your family like/would change, how/why you think eebee is different, etc. "Word of Mom" is very important to us. Please let me know when you might be available for a conversation. Thanks. You can email me directly at: Stephen@eebee.com. Looking forward. Best, Stephen Gass, president, Every Baby Company, inc.

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