Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Word

I'm a little bitter. I should probably be terribly excited. Perhaps even proud. But instead I am feeling somewhat cheated and maybe a tad resentful.
Natalie said her first word. Mama, you ask? Dada; that wouldn't be so bad. No, friends, Natalie didn't give a "shout out" (if you will) to the two humans who take care of her day in and day out ... hour after hour. Instead her first word pays tribute to a special someone of the four-legged variety. Natalie's first word ... "cat." Yes, Louie gets all the love! Well, maybe not all the love ... he also gets chased, pterodactyl screamed at, his ears chewed on, his fur pulled out, ... Natalie's own form of tough love! But regardless, her first word was not mama as I had hoped or dada which I could live with ... no, with great enthusiasm she announces "cat" (sounds more like "tat") anytime Louie saunters in the room.
Somehow it just doesn't seem fair ...

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