Sunday, May 25, 2008

One of those days ...

Yes, it's true what "they" say ... it does rain - a lot - here in the NW, and even when it's not raining, clouds often prevail over sunshine. After 90 degree temperatures last weekend, we paid for it all week long with gloomy skies and raindrops. When I checked the 10-day forecast on Friday - in hopes of an end to the rain and a beautiful Memorial Day weekend - the "few showers" icon was working overtime. Ten straight days of showers, a common NW euphemism - showers sound almost pleasant, right?

I don't know how meteorologists luck into their jobs here in the NW, but seriously how hard is it to predict "showers" ... everyday? It's like good guess, Bob! Well, yesterday, Bob was wrong - very, very wrong - delightfully, wonderfully WRONG! As far as weather goes, it was as close to perfect as it gets; blue skies, sunshine, cool breeze ...
One of those days that somehow magnifies the good in your life. One of those days filled with simple joys. One of those days when you can't help but feel blessed. Getting out from under those clouds, soaking in a little vitamin D ... it's almost like a drug, I tell ya!

Chad and Natalie sat on a blanket in the grass, blew bubbles, and entertained me ... while I planted flowers and got weirded out by all the worms - and one huge slug (Sorry no photo, I was busy running away in fear of Chad throwing it on me!)

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"The weather is here; I wish you were beautiful." - Jimmy Buffett

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