Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What'd you say?

Natalie has been cracking me up lately. That's really not breaking news, but I just have to share a few of the funny things she's said ...

"Pink or Green"

We were at the park the other evening, and we stayed a little longer than we should've. It was getting close to bedtime, which makes dealing with things like a little boo-boo a whole lot harder for an almost two year old. On our way to the car, she stumbled and fell ... but it wasn't major. I scooped her right up to soothe her, and through her tears she said, "Binky. Binky. Peenk o Geen. Peenk o Geen."

I wasn't surprised by the binky request. Natalie definitely resorts to the comfort of a binky when she's tired. Add to that her little fall, and she was ready for something to suck on. When we are out of the house (and it's not nap or bedtime), I usually tell Natalie that I only have a pink binky with me because she'll only take it if she really needs it. What cracked me up and touched my heart is the fact that she was willing to settle for the much harder (and much less loved) pink binky. It didn't matter ... pink or green.

"Sun. Sun. La, La, La"

Today we were in the car ... on the way to the post office to mail packages to our friends in Chi-town, and Natalie kept saying, "Sun. Sun."

And I replied, "Yes, baby girl, it is a nice sunny day. We haven't seen the sun in a few days, huh?"

Again, she said, "Sun. Sun."

Still thinking I had the right translation, I said, "I know, I am really enjoying all this sunshine today, too."

Natalie was quiet for a few seconds, and I was reveling in my success of a) figuring out what she was saying and b) holding up my end of such a stimulating conversation.

Then, I hear this determined voice from the backseat say, "Sun. Sun. La, la, la, la, ..."

That's when I realized I hadn't turned on the radio! Our new favorite SONG ... Upside Down by Jack Johnson from the Curious George soundtrack. Natalie calls it the "George Sun."

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Chi-town momma said...

This is just the sweetest story! Loved it on the phone and love that you recorded it here!
And then I loaded the Jack Johnson album onto our Rhapsody account! Thanks for the tip!

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