Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grammy and Grampy are Here!

Or, Gnammy and Nippy, as Natalie calls them, arrived here in the NW just a few hours ago! They drove all the way from IL. It took them three days and many tanks of gas ... and a few stops at places like Mount Rushmore and Missoula, Montana ... but they are finally here. We are looking forward to spending a full week being entertained by them, and if this evening's Hammock Ball is any indication, we're in for a real treat!

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Here's how it's played
... Grampy launched the beach ball from the hammock - like a gigantic sling-shot with very little force. Grammy stood on the other side of the sandbox and did a fair job of "fielding" the incoming flying objects. Natalie stood in the middle and loved every minute of it ... and chanted, "More, more." When the ball rolled her way, she picked it up and gingerly handed it back to her Nippy. This went on forever, and we all had sore tummy muscles from all the laughter.

It is so good to have our Grammy and Grampy here with us!


Chi-town momma said...

So fun! Don't you just love watching your parents play with your child? Benjamin LOVES his Nanny and his face just glows when he is with her!

Deann said...

Ah fun times!

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