Saturday, June 27, 2009

Timeout to Rock

Throngs of screaming fans.
Colorful lights.
Real instruments and a sound system.
Live music.

Yes, folks, today we took a TIMEOUT ... TO ROCK!

We went downtown with our good friends Tammy, Scott, and Owen to see a kids' concert promoted through The Vera Project. Take a look at the list of bands ... this concert was the bomb diggety!

Actually, I won tickets to the show from ParentMap, the most fabulous parent publication I've ever come across ... I dream of working for ParentMap ... it's the bomb diggety (my new catch phrase, btw). Who doesn't love free tickets? Mine came in the form of a family pack. I am still not entirely certain what that means, but for us it meant a dad, two mommies, and two toddlers. Good times :) Thanks, ParentMap!

Watching Recess Monkey perform live was such a treat. According to their website, they are known as Seattle's Greatest Children's Music Band. While I am by no means an expert, I must agree. I've listened to their songs online and even bought a few from iTunes. The performance sealed the deal for me. These three guys have an energy and enthusiasm and stage presence that made me love their music even more.

Right in front of the stage - in the midst of a sea of little concert-goers - Natalie and Owen were rocking out and trying out new dance moves and having an absolute blast. Tammy was able to snap a few photos, and you can check out her blog to see them. Natalie was all about the fancy footwork. Owen, on the other hand, worked the punch-and-point as his signature move.

After an hour of the mosh pit and crowd surfing, our little rockstars were exhausted. We loaded everyone back in the car, shoved snacks at the little mouths - Owen promptly fell asleep, mid-crunch - and headed to my most favorite sandwich shop in the whole wide world ... Jimmy John's!

We were able to get our sandwiches all the way back to my house for a quick patio picnic while the kiddos got some fresh air before naptime.

It was such a great day!

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Kathy said...

Recess Monkey is having a free concert tomorrow (8/8/09) at Bellevue regional library at 11am! I think I'm taking G!

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