Monday, June 8, 2009

Hike Self?

Daddy took NHV for a hike today. He's such an outdoorsman, and I think it's great that Natalie gets exposed to what he loves. She rides in the backpack (made by Sherpani), and they sing songs and spot animal characters from the books we read.
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On this particular hike, after taking a mid-hike break, during which this photo was taken, Natalie was hesitant to get back in the backpack.
She kept saying, "Hike self. Hike self. Hike self."
When Chad retold this story, he admitted that it took him a minute to figure out she was asking to hike all by herself. She wanted to walk rather than ride.
Chad complied, held her hand, and hiked another 1/10 of the trail. She did great! Most exciting of all, my baby girl is developing her sense of SELF!

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Chi-town momma said...

Way to go NHV!!! Next time we are there do you think you can carry ME in the backpack? I get tired easily and that hike your parents took us on kicked my ass! :)

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