Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Co-Ed Bath & Private Parts

Me: "Natalie, those are Emmett's private parts."
Look of understanding; like she's storing away new vocabulary.
Me: "Natalie, you may not touch Emmett's private parts."
Look of confusion; like what's so wrong with private parts?
Not wanting to plant seeds of wrongness,
Me: "You may touch your own private parts but not other people's."
Look of compliance. Oh, okay ... but his seems like more fun than mine.
(Saving my next thoughts for a much later conversation.)
Cute photos to go along with silly story ...
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All the while, my BFF Missy is just trying her best not to crack up
and ruin this little impromptu lesson!


Chi-town momma said...

THese pics are ADORABLE!!! Love the naked butts! Just want to smooch them - totally acceptable to smooch up on little kid booty IMO. Not sure what age the butt becomes a nonkissble area, but I will keep kissing B's cause it is so cute! (at least when it isn't stinky!!!)

Oliver'sMom said...

Ok girl, you SOOO totally don't want to hear the conversations I've been having with my son lately when we have a bath together...He keeps looking for something Mommy doesn't have...During changes lately he's been telling me "don't touch" with this completely serious look on his face. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life!

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