Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today is one of those days in the NW when the reason(s) for living here are so very apparent. It is gorgeous. The sun was shining when we woke up, and it has continued to shine all day. Temperatures started out around 50 but climbed to around 80. The sky is an amazing shade of blue. The air is so fresh. And that's probably enough reason for me to be marveling. What has me really marveling is the learning that is taking place in Natalie's little brain on a daily (heck, hourly) basis. I just can't help but marvel at the observations she makes and her ability to communicate what she's thinking. Almost-two is a fun, fun age! (Someone remind me of this when the terrible twos set in.)
A few of Natalie's observations from today ...
  • Natalie was hanging out with me in the bathroom as I got ready this morning. While blow-drying my hair, I could tell she was pointing at the handles on the drawers and saying something. I switch off the dryer to hear Natalie say, "White circle." Yep, the drawer pulls are, indeed, white circles.

  • After grocery shopping this evening, the fetus was craving a Jamba Juice (RazzMaTaz is my current favorite), and who am I to argue. The Jamba girl poured my juice into an original size cup and then asked if I would like her to pour the extra into a kid's cup ... guess she thought I'd like to share with my offspring. Sure, why not :) As I handed Natalie her mini-cup, she said, "Little." Then she pointed to my cup and said, "Big." Sure enough!

  • And, finally, Natalie counts to 14, which is fabulous in-and-of-itself (that's a weird expression btw). While at the park - after the grocery story and the Jamba Juice - three young girls were playing hide-and-seek. The one that was "it" stood nearest us, and Natalie noticed that she was counting. She said, "Girl counting."


Chi-town momma said...

Their little minds are amazing, aren't they? That NHV is a smart one!

nora said...

14! Wow! She's a quick one! She'll be a great big sister!

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