Friday, June 26, 2009

FFF: Seattle Center with Grammy & Grampy

On Monday we spent our last fun-filled day with Grammy and Grampy ... before they set off on a very long trip back to Illinois - about 2,200 miles. We miss them so much!
It only seemed fitting that we "send them off" with visions of downtown Seattle in their heads. So we headed down to Seattle Center, home of the very famous Space Needle. Woo hoo!
It's not a great photo, but you can tell that's the Space Needle, right?! (My camera settings were way off!)
We visited the International Fountain and watched the water "perform." Natalie was much more interesting in either getting in the water (way too cold for that) or walking the full circumference of the fountain ... and what a great walk it was. Right around lunch time, we boarded the Metro "Choo-Choo" and rode a short distance to - I wish I could remember what it's called - where we found a huge food court. Each of our hungry bellies got exactly what they wanted ... including a Mrs. Fields' M&M cookie on the way out the door. Another short ride ... with Natalie "choo-chooing" the whole way ... we were back at the Seattle Center with the Carousel in sight. Introducing Natalie to this childhood wonder seemed like a great idea to me. Unfortunately, Natalie never did warm up to the idea. I offered several horses, but she firmly replied, "No!" to each and every one. You can see the look of ... displeasure on her face. We sat on a bench and watched the horse go "up-down" and Grammy and Grampy waving at each rotation.

Much more Natalie's cup-of-tea ... and a bit of a surprise to me ... the "Car-cars." She hopped right in, attempted to put on the seat belt, and put both hands on the steering wheel. I had flashes of 14 short years from now ... and my face took on Natalie's look of "terror" from the Carousel. But she LOVED it. Guessing she's more of a city mouse like her mama. I mean, you can't take a horse to the mall, right?!

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By the way, Natalie is still talking about those darn car-cars ... everyday she asks about them ... and retells her adventure with Grammy and Grampy aboard the "choo-choo" and with the horses going "up-down." Her memory amazes me!

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nora said...

I read your post about what to call the nether regions and laughed out loud. For whatever reason (mostly a shy child) that conversation hasn't come up and I'm just waiting. I just hope I don't use Oprah's "vajayjay!"

Enjoy your weekend. Hope you are feeling well. Loved your thoughts on ear piercing - too funny.

Chi-town momma said...

So funny her little face on the carousel! Makes me want to try one out with Benjamin!

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