Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I practiced saying, "Happy Father's Day," with Natalie all morning long.
I baked cinnamon rolls, and we let Chad sleep in until 9:00. I finally gave into Natalie's constant "daddy requests" and we tiptoed up the stairs with the laptop - I needed access to my iTunes. As we crept through the door, I played yet another really great song by Frances England called Daddy-O, and we climbed in bed to snuggle with our daddy. (D-A-D-D-Y. Oh how I love you, Oh how I love, Daddy-O)
The song ended, and I prompted Natalie to wish Chad a Happy Father's Day. She triumphantly, enthusiastically, oh-so-confidently said, "Happy Birthday to you!" Close enough, right?! :)

Natalie and her Daddy - since last Father's Day
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What Natalie wrote inside CPV's Father's Day card:
I love you because you ... take me to the zoo and park and duck pond, chase after me, strum the guitar for me, wear a hat, play peekaboo, make up silly songs, let me try by myself, read me stories, teach me all kinds of new things, build projects for me, and love me like only a daddy can!


We had a really nice Father's Day celebration - nothing fancy but very nice. Having my parents, especially my DAD, here made it even more special for me. We did a little birthday celebration (early) for Natalie, too. I made my "famous" lasagna, my dad's favorite, and cherry cheesecake, CPV's favorite. We all have very full bellies. After watching an action-packed movie, in which the Dad is the hero and kicks some serious butt, I am exhausted and heading for bed.

Tomorrow we'll attempt our 2nd Annual Handprint Project!

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Chi-town momma said...

So glad you had your daddy there too for father's day! Happy FD to Chad!

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