Thursday, April 8, 2010

That Excites Me Just Fine!

Teaching was my thing. For 10+ years I was a teacher, and I was good at it. I was good at it because I loved what I was doing. I had a passion for it. I also worked more hours than was expected or necessary. It was a job I couldn't leave in the classroom. It - including a stack of papers to grade - came home with me each and every day and on the weekends. I thought about lesson plans and behavior problems and how to reach that one kid and ... in a lot of ways, it consumed me.

Now, being a mom is my thing. I am so, so fortunate to be able to stay-at-home with my two girls. Honestly, I don't think I am capable of teaching and being a mom to little ones. It's just more than I can handle. I would feel pulled in two directions, and there would certainly not be enough hours in the day. I tried having a foot in both worlds. I taught part-time after NHV turned a year old. I only worked two days a week, and I had the ideal daycare situation. But I wasn't happy. Work still followed me home. And I wasn't the awesome teacher that I knew I could be. My heart just wasn't in it.

Being a mom suits me. We go to the library and playdates and run errands. I even occasionally manage some meal planning and a few household chores. I adore watching the girls grow and learn and change right before my eyes. The thought of missing a moment doesn't sit well with me.  However, there are days when complacency settles in ... and I just get by.

On those days, I have this sneaking suspicion that something was missing. I needed to feel passionately about something. I needed an outlet for my energies and my writing. I added a second blog with plans for a third, and that helped some. I was still looking for a challenge. And that's when Macaroni Kid came into my life ... well, actually, I was first introduced about a year ago, but I wasn't ready then.

I've been a Publishing Mom for 4 weeks.  Working with my best friend.  Writing for a national brand / website.  Building a community resource for moms like us and their families.  Four weeks ago, we planted a seed and now we are watching it grow.  Our fourth Broomfield Macaroni Kid newsletter publishes today.   I am so proud of what we are doing.  This is the something I was looking for.  I feel energized - despite acute lack of sleep ;)  I feel purposeful - like a piece of a bigger picture.  I feel like I can have a little bit of "it all."  I am still a stay-at-home mom, first and foremost, but I am also a Publishing Mom, and that is a title that suits  excites me just fine!

Inspiration for this post: My good friend from college is here visiting for the next few days.  After the kiddos were in bed, I started talking to her about Macaroni Kid and it just hit me ... I am loving it!  I want other moms to know that this opportunity exists.  That it is manageable - even with little kids.  You can work during naptimes and a few nights a week and produce a quality newsletter / website.  You can network with other moms.  You can make connections in your community.  You can reap the benefits of promoting events and businesses.  Anyway, I tired to fall asleep - at a decent hour tonight - but these thoughts kept swirling around and banging up against my brain ... and this is where I go when that happens.


BJ_Mama said...

Glad to hear you are EXCITED!!!! Keep up the good work!

Kat said...

Good for you!! I'm glad you are excited about what you are doing. That's what drives me in nursing school. I need the excitement. I loved being with my kids and raising them. I worked outside the home when they were school-aged. But there was no....what is the word...passion? Yeah. It was just a job. My passion was raising my kids. They're about grown now, though, so I needed something else. Now, it's nursing. I'm glad others are finding that same passion :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding something that coincides with mommyhood. I can relate to your feelings that teaching and motherhood would leave one conflicted.

Emmett Joseph said...

I am excited too! Dana, I am so happy that we get to work together in this way--I mean how many women can say that they get to be a SAHM AND work with their best friend on something they love? We are the lucky ones :)

Adrienne said...

I have so thought about this for my area we have so much stuff here in Kemah/League City that I would be super busy keeping up but what a fun way to connect

Raising Z said...

That is great that you are loving this. I looked at all of the stuff when Supah joined up and thought about it but I am just too overwhelmed right now. I think the fact that you have a partner in crime probably makes it that much more fun and manageable :)

We might be facing some tough financial times in the near future and I thought about going back to work and just sobbed. I too can not be the teacher I once was and a mom....I also can't imagine leaving their little faces and not seeing all of their amazing "Ah Ha" moments. We are working hard to find a way so that I can stay home but this economy just stinks :(

Erin said...

I just started my Macaroni Kid this week! I am so glad to hear that you are loving it. I am having a hard time getting subscribers - I can't even get my friends to subscribe!! I am going to keep at it though, for sure.

Funny - I lived in Broomfield about 6 years ago while my DH was a grad student at CU!

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