Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visit with The Growing Cunninghams

This morning Natalie and I met up with Laurie (Chitown Momma), her husband, and their darling Benjamin for a visit with our dear friends Debbie and John ... and their triplets, Hayden, Morgan, and Landon, aka The Growing Cunninghams! And they definitely are growing! Nearing their first birthday (in just two weeks), I find it hard to believe they were born at just 30 weeks. They are adorable, thriving, full of life and personality, and really a sight to behold! All three were in good spirits for the entire visit; worth noting because we actually infringed on their naptime by a good 15 minutes or so.
I couldn't get all the great photos that I wanted because 1) I was a little overwhelmed - in a very good way, 2) Natalie was clingy and whiny - not a great combination, 3) I was trying to squeeze in a conversation with my mommy friends, and 4) Well, it isn't easy to take pics of 3 babies + 2 toddlers! But here are a few ...
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This visit is one of the main reasons I decided to fly cross-country with my 20-month old ... and it was worth every airport minute!

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Chi-town momma said...

Such an incredible visit! What an experience to look around the room and see all these kids who belong to us. Quite the difference a few years can make! While I miss the Hillside days of teaching with two such incredible teachers, I wouldn't give up where we are now for anything! Amazing! :)

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