Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing Good About That ...

Running down a concrete "hill" is never a good idea.

If you're a 21-month old totally hyped on pure zoo adrenaline,
it's a terrible idea.

Catching your fall with your nose, rather than your hands,
is pretty much the worst idea I've ever heard witnessed.
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NHV's initial reaction was to cry, and who can blame her. That had to hurt! Once I scooped her up and made sure her teeth were still intact, I gave her a good cuddle sprinkled with glances down at her cute, mangled little face. In less than a minute, she was ready to get down and take off running again. After all, there were animals to see ... and a little less skin on her nose wasn't about to slow her down! That's my girl :)

The top photo was taken while still at the zoo; few minutes after, what will now be known as the nose-despite-my-face incident. The bottom two I shot tonight while Chad was making dinner.

It was reckless running at the zoo, people ... not some form of toddler discipline ... promise!


Oliver'sMom said...

What is up with our kids and their noses this week?!?!?!?

Emmett Joseph said...

Emmett looks about the same, but it's his forehead and eye that are all scratched up!

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