Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News: The SUN is shining!

Bad News: All this natural light streaming through my windows has made me realize that my house is DIRTY.

Good News: Time to SPRING clean!

Bad News: I don't really like to clean ... organize, yes ... dusting, mopping, scrubbing windows, not so much.

Good News: Natalie slept until 8:00 this morning. It seems that her east coast confusion and 6:15 wake-up habit has ended.

Bad News: Ummmm, there's nothing bad about that :)

Good News: Yesterday was my "Friday." I don't have to go to work again until Monday!

Bad News: Please, it's all good!

Hope you're having a day filled with more GOOD than BAD!


Deann said...

He he ... love the good and the bad entry! I was laughing b/c I'm the same, I could organize forever, but to have to clean - "argh" and "blah". I should be more productive today ...

Chi-town momma said...

Alas, I keep looking around my house thinking how much I need to clean and just can't get motivated...when is the nesting going to set in???

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