Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Front of the Camera

Before I realized this week's FFF theme was ME, I had drafted the post that follows two days ago. And call me a double-dipper because - I decided to hold the presses - and use this as my FFF post ... guess I'm killing two birds with one stone; how I hate that saying - not what it implies - but it's literal translation.

Ugh, I am feeling long-winded! Keep reading ... or just scroll to the end to see ME :)

My good friend Deann - who happens to be a great photographer (among many other talents) - introduced me to this really great photography blog site:

Each week the site sponsors a photo contest with a specific theme. And, well, since I aspire to be a decent photographer some day, I find myself drawn - like a magnet - to this site and the hundred of photo entries.
This week's contest was a self-portrait, as in take a photo of yourself (and your little one if you'd like) and you must be holding the camera. That's a toughie, huh? Well, I didn't make the deadline ... and I've had pink eye since Friday ... so this probably wasn't the best week to take a picture of myself anyway. But after looking at some of the entries, I found myself feeling sad that I don't really have many pictures of me and my baby girl ... that's sad, right? I TAKE gazillion photos but that means I am behind the camera ... and stretching my arms out to include myself just isn't something I think about doing very often. But I vow to change that. I vow to put myself in front of the camera more often.
Anyway, I decided to scour the images on my computer ... I only went back to last June ... and here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. My friend Missy took this photo when we visited her in Denver last June. I love Natalie's argyle BabyLegs! And my hair looks longish and not as flat as usual ... apparently, Colorado agrees with my limp locks!

  2. I took this photo one afternoon while we were playing on the floor in our family room. It's at a silly angle, but I just love the happiness on our faces :)

  3. Another afternoon play session turned photo shoot ... Natalie has a weird look on her face but I love her little hand!

  4. On a snowshoeing "expedition" this winter, Chad snapped this shot. She's looking up and saying, "Hold me." Sweet candid :)

  5. My friend Tammy was "playing around" with my new camera and Natalie was being grumpy, so we "posed" for this grouch shot ... but somehow I look a lot more grouchy than she does ... go figure!


Melinda said...

I think a alot of us moms have that same problem of not having many pics of them with their babies. Yours are adorable!


ps-hope your pink eye is better!

The Flores Family(Maria, Jose and Jose Luis) said...

Very nice, love the way you have them all together!

mrs.alderman said...

Love the grouchy face!! I was just thinking the same thing...I'm trying to find a picture of me and Big O for my blog and I'm coming up empty :( Wanna come over for a photo shoot?

nora said...

I remeber not being in any photos with my oldest when we were trying to complete our homestudy for our second. I vowed to change that - because I wanted the girls to know that we love being near them - in every way.

Janelle said...

It's definitely getting in the pictures with the little ones. A good reminder....

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