Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling ... We're Flying ... Again!

This is no April Fool's Day joke. Yes, friends, we're at it again! Natalie and I are flying cross-country ... just the two of us ... for a little fun in Virginia. That's a 4 hour flight to Chicago, a 2 hour layover, and then a 1.5 hour flight to D.C. All starting at 6:40 am, which means we leave the house at, what we affectionately refer to as, the "butt crack" of 4:40 am. Ugh! What am I thinking?

At least I know we are capable of such adventures. It's not like we haven't flown before. I made a list of all the airplane/port travel I've done with Natalie in the short 20.5 months she's been alive ... let's just say we've logged quite a few hours of flight time!
  • November 2007 - SEA to STL - Natalie's 1st flight (about 3,400 miles RT)
  • December 2007 - SEA to STL - Celebrating Christmas with family (about 3,400 miles RT)
  • January 2008 - SEA to IAD - Introducing Natalie to her family in VA (about 4,800 miles RT)
  • June 2008 - SEA to STL to DEN to SEA - 3-leg trip home and then to Denver (3,500 miles total)
  • August 2008 - SEA to IAD - Litsas/Clouden Wedding (about 4,800 miles RT)
  • This one included a layover in Newark that almost made me never travel with Natalie again!
  • December 2008 - SEA to STL - Celebrating Christmas with family (about 3,400 miles RT)
  • April 2009 - SEA to IAD - Jackson/Giles Wedding (about 4,800 miles RT)
And the list continues ...
May 2009 - SEA to DEN - Bad Girls' Reunion '09
That's right, we have one more trip planned before I have to start buying a seat for Natalie ... we are heading to Denver again for another annual Bad Girls' Reunion at the end of May.

Miles flown so far ... a whopping ... 28,100. Seriously, is that all? That's not even enough miles to redeem for a free flight. Well, it certainly seems like at least 100 times that many! Perhaps it would be more interesting to calculate the HOURS spent traveling ... to the airport, through security, waiting to board, in the air, during layovers, waiting to board again, to baggage claim, from the airport, ... whew, I am tired just thinking about it!

Through this ridiculous amount of travel, I have managed to acquire a few tips for traveling with a toddler. But I think I'll post those later because right now I have a huge hot pink suitcase waiting to be packed!

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Chi-town momma said...

While I haven't totaled up the miles yet, this list made me jar my memory for where all B has been. My little 20 month old has been on 10 trips by plane!!! Geez. I would venture that there are plenty of 20 YEAR olds who haven't flown that many times! For the most part, he is a great traveler. The early trips were the easiest, although the ones I feared the most due to the unknown. The 10-15 months were the hardest in my opinion due to the foods and learning to crawl/walk and wanting to do so all over the plane. We are getting into an easier phase again, now that he can be entertained and we can communicate! Soon, he will need less "equipment" and can wheel his own little suitcase around the airport! Won't that be nice?

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