Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look Who's Cooking!

Natalie's play kitchen is (finally) finished! Isn't it adorable? It's also one-of-a-kind and made with love by her incredibly talented (and detail-oriented) daddy! It was very worth the wait ... putting that on the record because I've given my dear husband lots of grief about his timeline on this project. What was slated to take a weekend, maybe two, actually took the better part of six weekends. But, hey, who's counting ... and I guarantee you won't find one better-constructed and with so many little details. Sorry, friends, we won't be taking orders on this one :)
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The counter top is a piece of laminate leftover from another project and trimmed with oak. There's a cute pot rack; a feature CPV has always wanted in our "real" kitchen but I am not a big fan. The cabinets and shelves are, of course, painted white because I am on a very serious "white" furniture kick ... for like the last 5 years. A towel bar hangs on the right side, and there's an oak open shelf storage area, too (neither are pictured though). The fridge and oven handles are made of wood but painted silver. The sink knobs were painted - one red and one blue. By the way, the sink is a stainless dog dish; how clever! The back splash is wayne's coating. And, I am sure you noticed the tiny chalkboard ... trimmed in oak and complete with a chalk tray ... I especially love the message CPV wrote :)


Chi-town momma said...

Even cuter than what I had envisioned! So talented, that husband of yours! NHV is very lucky to have such a crafty daddy!

mrs.alderman said...

OMG!!!! We can't wait to come play with N's new kitchen!!! Nice job Mr. Verhoff!!

Oliver'sMom said...

Could that be ANY cuter? She'll be enjoying that for years, and maybe even her little ones-it looks so well made. Way to go Daddy!

Deann said...

Seriously fantastic!! Chad is so talented and Natalie is so lucky to have that talented daddy! That is way better than the ones at PB I think! If Chad ever needs a new business, I think he knows where he could turn. :-)

Anonymous said...


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