Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elmo's Busy Morning

Elmo ... and Natalie ... had a very busy morning ... on her 21-month birthday!
Just yesterday, a package full of ELMO arrived on our front porch. Sent all the way from Grammy's house in IL. Natalie got two Elmo books, an Elmo coloring book, Elmo jammies (meant for boys, but I doubt she'll know the difference), and the Fisher-Price Cuddle and Care Elmo - complete with binky, bib and swaddle carrier.
And today, Elmo was well cuddled and cared for ...
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First, Elmo made a trip to the potty while Natalie read him the The Potty Book - For Girls. I am fairly certain Elmo is a boy, but he seemed to enjoy the story, nonetheless. Can you see his little eyes peeking out from behind the book? Then Natalie decided to "take a turn" on the potty and Elmo was happy to join her.

Next it was time for a bath; Elmo took the plunge (with quite a thud) and Natalie hopped in, too. She even pretended to pour water over his head and told him to, "up, up" - which means look up, what mommy tells Natalie when it's time to rinse her hair. How cute is that?

After all that excitement, Elmo had to take a much needed nap. Natalie marched him right into her room, gave him a quick pat and a little shushing, and promptly tossed him into the little doll bed (the one CPV made for our friend Mary Beth when she was in 2nd grade; now as an 8th grader, she just sent it to Natalie).

When Elmo woke up (about 30 seconds later; he apparently isn't much of a napper), Natalie explained to me that Elmo was "tursty" and would need some milk. I ran down to get her sippy cup, and she took a big drink herself before offering some to Elmo.

If today is any indication, I am looking forward to Elmo keeping Natalie busy! Thanks, Grammy!

Random sidenote: In case you're wondering, Natalie is wearing a cover-up over her jammies. It's meant for wearing to/from the pool, but she adores hoods ... and this cover-up has a big hood ... so she asks to wear it. It makes me think of a little pink Ewok from Star Wars.

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Chi-town momma said...

Hilarious! She is such a character! Benjamin is more into Cookie Monster. Today, he lucked out and that was who was on his diaper - TWICE! There was a lot of belly flashing while yelling, "COOKIE." I love him! :)

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