Friday, June 27, 2008

Visitors to the NW

I feel tremendously blessed to have shared my pregnancy and motherhood journey with my wonderful friend, Laurie. We delivered our babies just 12 days apart, decorated our nurseries with the same art project, both decided to breastfeed exclusively, compared gift registries, shared things that worked, ... basically supported and encouraged and helped each other in anyway we could.
Laurie gives the best insight (she's so clear-minded) and makes me laugh (sometimes 'til it hurts). We met and taught together in VA. She's the most amazing teaching partner you'd ever hope to have on your team. And I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids; she's married to this funny - borderline goofy - man who seems absolutely perfect for her. But she now lives in TX ... which means that ...
Up until about a week ago, we had been separated by a couple thousand miles - with only phone conversations and emails through which to share the ups, downs, goods, bads, and daily happenings of our lives. Now, she and her goofy hubby and her adorable, sweet son, DBT, are HERE in the NW for a nice, long visit!
It has been so good to spend time with Laurie again and to be mommies together - doing all the everyday stuff ... feeding, changing, putting down for naps, ... I've been trying to forget it's just a visit and instead been imagining that she lives here ... oh, how I would love for us to live closer ... for our babies to grow up playing together ... for our families to celebrate birthdays and what-not ...
While that isn't a reality, I am so glad for the time we shared during this visit and the memories we made. The absolute best part ... seeing my little NHV and her umm ... not-quite-as-little DBT together.
Taking the babies for walks to Starbucks and the park and hiking in the backpacks. The weather has been beautiful, and the babies have been so accommodating of our somewhat crazy schedule. I can't even think of any major meltdowns - despite missed naps and meals on the go. Now, that's impressive!
Giving our babies their first coed bath ... so cute! There's just something about two naked, happy babies splashing in the tub ... besides the photos make for great embarrassment potential in a decade or so!
Watching the babies during their morning playtime. It is entirely too precious the way Benjamin reaches out to touch Natalie. And he seems to take her pterodactyl screams in stride - she is so loud!
Feeding the babies in side-by-side high chairs. (How do moms of twins do it?) Benjamin is a calm and methodical eater; picking up just a piece or two at a time and savoring the flavors. Natalie is an enthusiastic and messy eater; shoveling the pieces into her mouth and often missing.

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Yes, it's been a good visit, and I will be really sad to see them leave ...


TX momma said...

SO much fun to be with you and your sweet NHV!!! I haven't even unpacked, but I knew there would be some delightful reading awaiting me when I logged on! Not to mention some sweet pics of our nuggets! We had such a great time and were so sad to go! Thanks for such a wonderful vacation. Smooches to your baby girl!
The Thompsons

~d said...

How fun it is to see your lovies together! How fun to see you both as MOMMIES!


You were two of THE BEST teachers I have ever come across I cannot imagine that your time in da 'mother- hood.. has been any less successful. ;)

So cute.


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