Sunday, June 29, 2008

Babies in Bumkin Bibs

My latest prize, the Bumkin Bib I won from Droolicious, arrived in the mail today! Not only do I love getting mail but I especially love getting a big envelope with a gift or, in this case, prize inside ... so exciting! (Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.)

To make my day even better, I got to witness this little scene ... the one pictured right up there under the alliterative title. Benjamin and Natalie enjoyed yet another (their last of this trip) meal sitting side-by-side. Both wearing Bumkin bibs ... and not much else. We had just returned from a late afternoon swim at our neighborhood pool. With hungry babies on our hands, we quickly stripped them down and put on a dry diaper before fastening a Bumkin around their necks and spooning sweet potatoes into their eager mouths.

NHV is wearing the new Pink Paisley print - the one we just received in the mail. Benjamin is wearing the Red Farm print, a gift from Natalie. Oh, and on their trays ... Veggie Booty ... a new favorite for both of them. They love it so much, we have to hide it until the end of the meal!

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TX momma said...

I love logging in and seeing my buddy NHV (I love that I really got to KNOW her in person) AND getting to see my own little nugget!!! I should start a blog...:)

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