Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are you teething?

Just read a very funny post by my friend Debby at Sanity ~ No Longer an Option. I can't actually commiserate with her hate for the extra hours of sunlight this time of year. Because as I commented on her site, here in the NW, we take whatever sunshine we can get, whenever we can get it!

But I can relate to just how taxing full-time motherhood can be, especially while mothering a first-time teether. I had no idea Natalie could be, would be so ... about a mile past cranky and a good step or two past fussy ... once this teething phenomenon started. I mean, it's gotta hurt - having a shard of bone straining its way through swollen gums. The amount of drool alone indicates the changes happen in her little mouth. I totally get that, but her constant cough-like, whining cry is wearing on my last nerve. Like nails on a chalkboard, I tell ya!

Anyway, I hear what you're saying, Debby; after a very long day - in the company of one very fussy baby - I was counting - not the minutes but - the seconds until daddy got home to take this Crankasaurus Rex off my hands. Something about that last hour - after spending about 10 hours soothing, cajoling, entertaining, distracting, ... I am just done ... stick a fork in me, you know?!
I called out my hubby's creative song writing/singing in a previous post, so I think it's only fair that I admit to my own silly attempts. Just this evening I "composed" and sang this little catchy tune .... from the end of my rope!

Where is daddy? Where is daddy?
Hurry home. Hurry home.

Mommy's had enough.
Can't stand all this fussing.

Cranky pants. Cranky pants.

To the tune of Frere Jacques (Are you sleeping?)


TX momma said...

so funny because I have my own version...(sung to the same tune)
Benjamin, Benjamin
Will you stop? Please, please stop?
Mommy's gonna lose her mind
Really, really lose her mind
Please don't cry, please don't cry!

I also have alternate endings like: Where's you dad? I need wine, no more tears, I give up, Please no really is a versatile little ditty!
I think I am going to be singing this song a ton today actually. Rough night, not much sleep, early rise, already fussy...hoping the antibiotics start kicking in soon!!!

MommyBrain said...

Oh, that's a good one! And in just one week we'll be singing our silly songs together ... here in the NW ... where the sun better shine at least occasionally for your visit! Hoping Benjamin starts feeling better soon :)

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