Monday, June 16, 2008

Milestone: First Tooth

Just want to make it known officially; I hinted at this in an earlier post. Natalie, just shy of turning 11 months old, got her first tooth! It's the bottom, front, left ... does that make sense? It isn't much to see just yet, but I can definitely feel it. Thankfully, she hasn't bitten me 'cause that little thing is sharp!

The process actually started last week while we were in Colorado visiting my friend Missy and her son Emmett. Big E, as I like to call him, just turned 5 months old, weighs almost as much as Natalie, and is just the sweetest little guy! The fact that Emmett started teething at the exact same time, leads me to believe that perhaps teething is contagious! I would liken it to the synchronizing of womanly cycles ... I swear there were times when me and all three of my college roommates would get our visits from Aunt Flo at the same time. Now, I am thinking the Tooth Fairy works the same way :)

Okay, that was a tangent, but what do you expect from me? Anyhoo, Natalie got her first tooth, and it wasn't too bad. After round one of "shard of bone forcing its way through your gums," I swear by the Highland Teething tablets.
One down (or up in this case) and like 30 more to go!?

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