Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in your diaper bag?

I was in the mood to organize today. That's really not unusual. I like to organize. I especially like to organize as a productive way to procrastinate, and well, it's report card time again, so ... I emptied the contents of Natalie's diaper bag, and this is what I found:

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  1. 3 NutriGrain bars, one of each flavor (strawberry, apple/cinnamon, and blueberry) - I buy these things at Costco, in the variety pack, obviously. It's fruit. It's grain. It's somewhat nutritious when compared to say ... a Snickers bar. One problem: they are no longer bars; I think I just invented NutriGrain crumbles :)
  2. 2 diapers, also from Costco ... what can I say, we are a buy-in-bulk kind-of-family!
  3. 1/2 of a package of wipes without a lid, which explains why they are "conveniently" engulfed in a gallon size ziploc baggie.
  4. Another baggie - this one sandwich size - with folded sheets of paper and 4 chunky, triangular crayons. This is NHV's latest form of restaurant distraction/entertainment, and I am loving it ... except I desperately need a super cute, super clever crayon roll, like this one.
  5. Beneath the crayon baggie is a little book that NHV adores. It's a Mary Engelbreit called, What Kids Do. I find the illustrations precious; Natalie finds them hilarious ... go figure!
  6. A Bumpkin bib - the purple garden design - and it smells a little funky. Probably time to toss it in the laundry ... ewww, gross!
  7. A tiny container of band-aids and some kind of ointment. Feeling-oh-so-prepared for just about any emergency.
  8. A tube-thingy of spray anti-biotic hand sanitizer.
  9. Plastic keys and a tiny hot pink bracelets - things no grown woman should ever leave the house without ...
  10. A sippy cup leash - to keep the sippy cup from running away. Beside the leash laws here in the NW are really strict :)
  11. In case of a rare meltdown, a Soothie, stored ever-so-germ-free (yeah, right) in a take-and-toss container.
  12. And just as I am walking out the door, I throw in my cell phone, wallet, and keys!

Now, my loyal blog reading audience, what's in your diaper bag?


Miss Mel said...

5 diapers-2 size 3's and 3 size 4's (really need to get the 3's out of there, unless she wants a wedgie)
wipes in a ziplock bag
1 pair of spidey underoos
1 pair of boy socks
1 pair of girl socks
1 onsie size 18 months
1 pair of 18 month sweatpants
4 plastic bags for poop diaper storage
hand santizer
1 robot toy from McDonalds
1 play phone
1 bag of assorted snack favorties (fruit bars (also crumbled), fruit snacks, fig newton packs, and yogurt raisins)
1 ziplock bag of tissues
2 curious george bandades
2 little travel neosporins
1 travel size baby powder

Chi-town momma said...

- 2 diapers
- container of wipes (mine is plastic so no need for the ziploc bag there)
- antibacterial wipes (this is in a ziploc...although there is only one left; and I had to do a wipe tutorial when I saw Brandon use them during a diaper change...poor Benjamin)
- spoon
- container of peaches
- snack trap of goldfish
- sleeve from a Starbucks (for entertainment)
- Matchbox car
- pen
- chapstick
- Tonka mini truck
- camera (started keeping it here when I forgot it everytime we were out!)
- crumbs from Cheerios, goldfish, etc chilling out in the bottom
Guess I need to get some kind of first aid kit in there, but geez, it is so full already!

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