Friday, March 20, 2009

FFF: Green ... Flashback

Understandably, this week's FFF theme is "green." Unfortunately, baby girl doesn't own a single green article of clothing. Pink, you betcha. Purple, sure. Red, yep. But really no green. As I was pondering this little quandary, I considered taking a photo of something other than NHV ... but well, that's no fun at all. And I thought about buying something new just for a green photo shot ... but that just didn't happen. Then I remembered that my awesome friend Missy, aka Emmett's mommy, sent Natalie the cutest green striped sweater for Christmas last year. Now, that sweater certainly doesn't still fit my little weed, but I did take some pretty cute photos of her wearing it. As I was browsing through the "month 9" folder from last March, I also stumbled upon this crazy pic of 7 babies all lined up on a couch - back when we could put our babies in one spot and they would all stay put long enough to snap a few shots.

My somewhat modified FFF theme for this week is Green Flashback!
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If you haven't "read me" singing the praises of Picasa from Google, let me take a moment to do just that. The newest version is so much fun ... and it's free ... which is why I haven't bothered to learn PhotoShop. You can do basic photo editing like cropping and removing red-eye and messing around with the color a little. But I really love that you can make these adorable collages in about three clicks and add text, too. Did you notice the green spacing between the photos? Fun, fun, fun!

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Chi-town momma said...

Love the green! And miss the days of putting B down and having him stay in one place some days! But most days I love watching him run around!

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