Thursday, March 19, 2009

WIFATL: Baby Love Lullaby

Check out ... What I Found At the Library!

After a recent CD Swap Playdate I hosted at my house, I've been into children's music. In particular, I've made it my personal mission to find children's music that makes us - Natalie, me, hubby - all happy. No sense listening to songs that make me want to grab my iPod and fling it with wild abandon out the car window. Who am I kidding, I don't have an iPod jack in my car - I bought my Volvo the year before that became a standard feature - and I am a little bitter about it - but hey, a girl can dream, can't I? So, anyway, in reality, it would be a shiny CD I would be tossing out the window ... a thought that has crossed my mind after listening to the KinderMusik CD for the 100th time!

Ummmm ... did I mention this post has something to do with the library? Perhaps I should focus ... the Elmo video in the background is very distracting! I write "best" under pressure ... we've got 15 minutes people, let's kick into high gear ...

I was at the library the other day (look at me getting to the point!) and came across this CD, the first thing I noticed was the nice use of white space - because a) I am a nerd and notice stuff like that and b) I am a big fan of white space. The text was simple and the baby in the cowboy hat and boots ... well, pretty darn cute, dontcha think? In comparison to the other discs in the library's selection - all day-glo and obnoxious - this one definitely caught my eye.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I don't l-o-v-e country music, however there are a few country artists I enjoy listening to ... namely the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, maybe a little Carrie Underwood - so mainstream, I know. Honestly, I would totally listen to country music - without a problem - if someone else turned it on, but it's unlikely that I would make that genre selection. On a side not: I really can't stand Garth Brooks; it's nothing personal against the guy, but I had a roommate in college that played his CD quite often and cried even more often ... 'nuff said?

Anyhoo, this adorable CD is called Baby Love Lullaby, lullaby versions of Tim McGraw, and I couldn't resist giving it a try. I would classify it as soothing. Definitely not something NHV and I will rock out to during our afternoon jam session, but it was perfect as background while I made dinner and Natalie colored pictures for Mimi and Papa :)

Okay, ready for the best part ... I googled this whole "baby-love-lullaby" deal ... secretly hoping to find a version of Nelly's songs. No luck. But I did find ... now get this ... a 50 Cent version! Gangsta lullaby ... nearly speechless, I am. This is a CD after my own heart! Check out the little thug baby on the cover ... oddly precious, no?


Oliver'sMom said...

Ok, it's not Fidy Cent or anything...but we LOVE Francis England. Especially "Don't Fly Away". It's all about watching and counting bugs. We sing it when we go to bed at night. Love "Sleepyhead Mamma" too...Now, do you think they made a Baby Love Lullaby for Tool? or Baby Love Metallica? My hubby would be over the moon. You checked on Baby Love Nelly yet? :-)

Oliver'sMom said...

Ok, it's late. Yes, you did check out the Nelly possiblity...I'm off to check for Metallica!

Chi-town momma said...

I'm going to have to check this out on Rhapsody tomorrow...I hope they have it! :)

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