Saturday, February 28, 2009

A new dresser for NHV

Been shopping at Pottery Barn again, huh, Dana? Nope!
This GORGEOUS piece of furniture, Natalie's new dresser, was made by hand and with lots of love by my super incredible and talented husband. Isn't it delightful?!
It's exactly what I wanted and envisioned. My poor husband, I keep requesting painted furniture, no chance to show off the nice grain of the word, or whatever. But it matches Natalie's crib and the side table he built for next to the glider. This dresser is a sturdy piece and the drawers slide so smoothly! I especially delight in the sweet detail (I think it's called a dovetail) on the sides of all the drawers.
This post is long over due; CPV finished it as a Christmas present, and I have been enjoying it everyday since! I now have much needed storage for the multitude of girl clothes Grammy and Mimi bought Natalie for Christmas :) And Natalie has a special piece of furniture, built by her daddy ... that will someday be in her very own apartment or house ... oh, geez, I am tearing up here!

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Chi-town momma said...

He never ceases to amaze me! Shame we don't live closer and there could be some kind of tutoring going on!
PS - SO much to read up on! I love all the new posts! So all it takes is the threat of report cards to make you a blogger again? Whatever will we do next year?

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