Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh! No!

Quick story ... and two photos. I was trying to get out the door this morning. One of those times when it seems like we are moving in slow motion ... every time I thought we were making progress something else would happen to delay us.
Natalie needed juice. I forgot the wipes upstairs. Natalie made number twos. Good thing I grabbed those wipes. Natalie wanted a bow in her hair; back upstairs I went.
I decided to give my new "diaper bag/purse" a try, which required transferring everything from the old bag. Natalie noticed mommy's new snazzy bag, bolted out of the room in a very determined fashion, chanting something I couldn't quite understand. Found my baby girl digging through our "pretending" bin with all the hats, scarves, and purses for playing dress-up. After emptying almost all of the contents of said bin, she found what she was looking for, and I figured out what she was chanting, "puwse, puwse, puwse."

Too cute, right? Cute enough to further delay our outing and grab the camera? Sure why not.

Except grabbing the camera off the mantle - with its strap stuck on the leg-dodad of the candle holder - resulted in this ...

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Scroll back up and take a look at Natalie's expression 'cause it really says it all, "Oh! No!"


Chi-town momma said...

Oh, NO, the second link is broken so we can't see the disaster! :( But you have to love that she already wants to accessorize!

Chi-town momma said...

Also, what does the diaper bag/purse look like? I think I need to make a change...although pretty soon I guess I will need a massive thing to carry tons of crap! How will I ever make it down three flights of stairs with 2 kids, a diaper bag, a carrier, get them in a stroller....OK, can't think about it!

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