Friday, April 4, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Ergo Carrier

As far as this new mom is concerned, a carrier is a "must have" item. Whether you have a colicky baby or need to get a little housework done or want a travel option sans wheels, if you have a baby, you should also have a carrier! However, I am not a huge fan of the Baby Bjorn, but I didn't know any better when I registered ... so that's what I got. Now that I've been hanging out in the mommy community, I see so many other and better options. My personal favorite is the Ergo Baby Carrier ( Although I don’t yet own one, I have worn a friend’s Ergo and heard the testimonials of countless Ergo-owners … therefore, I feel adequately knowledgeable to share my two cents.

With the Ergo, you can carry your baby on your front or back - the Bjorn doesn't do that. It also provides a much more natural sitting position for the baby - the Bjorn tends to cut into the crotch/thigh area. And it’s designed to let the baby’s weight rest on your hips - where it should; I end up with a terrible backache from the Bjorn. Oh, and it includes this fabulous hood-thingy that supports the baby's head when/if she falls asleep in the carrier ... a result I always hope for when I strap NHV to my chest :)
Anyway, this is just my opinion about carriers ... skip the Bjorn, the Ergo is a much better option! Now, I've got to head on over to check Craig's List and Ebay ... I'm on a mission to find a "gently used" and "reasonably priced" Ergo ... wish me luck!

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