Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy 9 Months!

Today my baby is 9 months old. Three quarters of a year ago, I gave birth to our beautiful girl. It's hard to fathom just how quickly the time passes. As much as I am enjoying her daily transformation, I can't help but feel sad that these baby days are slipping by. I am just so thankful to have a happy, healthy, silly, smart, wonderful daughter!
She's sleeping through the night, signing milk but nursing less, eating a variety of solids from a spoon and with her fingers, rolling and pulling to a sitting position with great proficiency, starting to show signs of crawling, belly laughing at the silly games we play, riding in the shopping cart like a big girl, still putting everything in her mouth, showing great interest in our cat, Louie, ... and bringing me immeasurable joy each and every day!

Click to play Month 9

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I continue to take far too many photos - in fact, this month I took almost 300 and kept over 200 digital images. This Smilebox is really just a glimpse at the past month but hopefully it captures the awe and wonder of watching my sweet Natalie grow and change ...
Happy 9 Months, momma's sweet girl!

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