Thursday, April 24, 2008

You might be a SAHM if ...

... you're spotted pushing your stroller through the neighborhood ... in the middle of the afternoon ... on a weekday ... while sipping your favorite Starbuck's latte.

... you seriously entertain the idea of an afternoon nap at least once each week.

... you use recycled bottles and duct tape to create "homemade" toys ... okay, you may also be a redneck ... and, yes, I actually did this - today, in fact.

... you're cruising through the grocery store aisles at 10 o'clock AM on a Tuesday.

... you have full-on conversations with several grocery store employees during said Tuesday morning shopping trip ... adult interaction can be tough to come by!

... your day planner is inundated with the acronym PD for Play Date.

... you haven't worn anything other than jeans or yoga pants in like months.

Yep, I am most definitely a SAHM ... and most days I thoroughly enjoy myself; other days I am bored silly ... either way I wouldn't trade it for the world ... at least not right this minute while NHV is peacefully taking her morning nap :)

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