Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is this my closet?

Without a doubt, motherhood has changed me. Just now, as I was up in my bedroom getting ready for the day - not sure what I am getting ready for ... playing on the floor, a possible walk around the 'hood, dinner preparation ... but there's just something pathetic about being in my jammies, unshowered when Chad gets home from work. And so, while Natalie naps, I quickly shower, run a comb through my hair, put on whatever clothes don't require brainpower to choose, ...
Anyway, here are a few things I noticed in my room as I was getting ready, things that are different now that I am a mom.
  • The clothes in my closet are no longer arranged by color - what was once a tidy gradient from white to ROY G BIV to browns and blacks is now a handful of haphazard hangers - my clothing rainbow is no more.
  • Hanging on the lower rod is about 6 pairs of pants I can no longer wear but I refuse to get rid of. I am completely satisfied with my current weight, just a few pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight, except for the fact that some of my pants still do not fit. I swear my hips and rear expanded to twice their normal size and now all my zippers and buttons are left to strain to fit around them.
  • Most of the clothes in my dresser drawers are not folded, instead they're shoved with a collection of slightly stained t-shirts, lounge pants, and tanktops I wear under everything.
  • In those same drawers, I see cotton bikini cut underwear where delicate danties and sexy thongs once prevailed.
  • All my super cute shoes with heels are on display in my canvas shoe organizer ... all of them are covered with a fine layer of dust. The shoes I wear everyday - comfy, practical, and really not very cute - are lined up near the door ready to be slipped on, usually while holding Natalie.
  • Beaded necklaces and delicate chains hang from hooks in a tangled mess - noticed only briefly as I grab my nursing bra hanging on the same hook. You see, these long forgotten accessories take time to coordinate, time I don't care to spend in this way. And besides, necklace + curious hands and mouth of a 9 month old = trouble.
  • Oh, and here's the part that really befuddles me ... my bed is not made. I have always made my bed in the morning; it's just one of those things that I do. I mean, I am home all day, and yet I can't find the time/energy to straighten my sheets and comforter!?

Ah, yes, motherhood has changed me. I no longer need a color-coordinated closet, cutesie accessories, or the extra height of my heels. And if my bed isn't made, perhaps I should consider that an open invitation for an afternoon nap!

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~d said...

I love your blog. :) I cannot believe that DV let's things go to pot: even slightly. Unthinkable and inspiring. :) It's more fun to snuggle than to do the laundry. Certainly more rewarding.

It goes too fast D. Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know NHV and her mom. I totally remember a conversation with you in the work room about a someday family. :) Well Well.

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