Sunday, January 17, 2010

All About MEme: Supah's Book Club, Part 1

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy


You can consider this my own personal couch jumping incident ...
First of all, can we talk about my awesome PhotoShop skillz?! I give full credit to Supah for being my inspiration.  But the skillz, those are all mine.  I am especially proud of this one because the idea was hatched at 2:30 am while nursing my sweet CJV.  And the logo was created at 3:00 am ... while sitting on the floor in my walk-in closet so I could hear CJV if she needed me but have enough light to see what the heck I was doing.  Sleep deprivation conjures up all kinds of delightfulness ... a whole lot of crap, too ... but this is delightful!

Anyhoo, on with the interview ...

What are you currently reading?
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
I am only 25 pages in.  The main character is an old (and very lonely) man.  I have a thing for old guys; they are just so endearing.  He feels invisible and does things to get noticed ... like posing nude for a drawing class.  Whoa, did that create some unwanted visuals!  But I like his gumption ... and that's a word I've never thought to use before now.  Ultimately, this is a book about a book (my friend Terri would love it!) ... a book written by the old man that somehow helps another lonely soul.

When do you find the time to read?
Right now, I am not really finding time to read. I can't keep my eyes open once I crawl into bed at night.  And spare minutes during the day are rare to say the least.  When I was pregnant - just a short time ago - and enduring twice weekly doctor's appointments, I read almost a book a week.  I don't make time to read, but if I find time, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing.

Where do you do most of your reading?

Now, currently, because I am house-ridden with children ... in my bed with my eyes closed ;)

In the past, when I had a life ... on the beach ... oh, I've done some great reading on the beach.  In an airplane/port ... unless there's someone interesting to talk to.  And I love sitting outside to read.

How do you choose what you read?
I think you already know this about me.  I judge a book by it's cover.  (I kind of feel the same way about blogs, but that practice does not translate into how I choose my friends, though!)  The overall design of the cover has to be appealing to me.  It's not one certain thing that I look for ... the cover could be pretty or interesting or weird.  As long as it catches my eye, I'll give the book a try.

I don't stick to one author.  In fact, I prefer to read virgin first-time authors.  There's something about knowing this is a person's first attempt that intrigues me.  I've found that well-published authors can fall into a rut ... like they've been type-cast or their publisher has too much control or they aren't willing to break the mold of their first successes.

I also love book recommendations.  And the website has a cool feature that suggests books you may like based on your browsing history.

From where do you get most of your books?
My friend Tammy loans me a lot of books.  And we both share a love of used books stores and the occasional trip to Good Will.

But most recently, I've been using a website called  I trade the books I've already read for a book that someone else has already read.  Pretty cool, huh?  All I do is pay the shipping (media rate) for the book I send, and in return the other person returns the favor.  You can even print postage right from the website.  If you haven't checked out this site, you really, really should.  What a great way to recycle a book!

What do you do with a book after you've finished reading it?
If the book makes me think of a specific friend, I pass it on.  I love knowing a friend is reading and enjoying a book that I gave her.  And right now I have about 10 books listed on, which will earn me credits to get more books!

QUICK UPDATE ... after reading comments from BJ_Mama and Amber, I did a little research ... it turns out that I can earn book credits for referrals to  I seriously had no idea!  But if you do decide to join and use my email address - dverhoff (at) gmail (dot) com - as your referrer when you register, I'll use those credits to get Newbery Medal winning books to donate to a local children's charity - yes, paperbackswap has children's books, too

What are your book (reading) quirks?
I must finish a chapter before putting down a book.  It really bothers me to stop mid-chapter.  If it can't be avoided, I'll reread the whole chapter rather than picking up where I left off.  I prefer books with short chapters ;)

Most of my books are used, but I love the smell of a new book.  I just close my eyes, flip those pages, and breathe deeply ... it's one of my favorite smells.

Now it's your turn to play along ... my favorite part of all this mayhem!
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Epiphius said...

It's never even dawned on me to stop reading a book! If I start one, I finish it!

BJ_Mama said...

I love old men too....the endearing ones though not the creepy ones.
Also, are you getting some kick back from If not, you should. You are quite the seller!

And HOLY JEEEBUS! You did AWESOME on the picture! My only complaint is (Gail) You aren't in it!

Amber said...

I detoured for about an hour or more. I started reading. Read Paperback Swap. Left and now i'm back. You should totally be getting paid for that cause I just got 2 books. I still have to upload all the books that i don't want yet.

I'm with ya. I hate stopping mid chapter

Evonne said...

I'll have to check that website out!

I'm with you on stopping mid-chapter. That's one reason I love James Patterson. His chapters are typically pretty short.

Jessica said...

I always feel bad at the end of silent reading time in my classroom because I know there are those kids like us who hate stopping mid-chapter, too! I've gotta check out paperbackswap so I can get some credit for books I'm going to be selling or donating anyway to make room for another nursery. I'll be sure to refer you!

Ali said...

so excited to lear about paperbacksawp, my hubby hates that I keep all my books, I can't throw them out that is just wrong.

singedwingangel said...

Oh now I have to check out Paperbackswap.. as if I dont have enough books already..

Emmett Joseph said...

Okay, gotta try out the paperswap site--I am just SO BAD at mailing things...for instance, the thank you cards sitting on my dining room table :)

Lisa said...

I use paperbackswap and swaptree. I love these sites especially swaptree. You should check it out if you haven't already.
I love old people too...... 'Cept for the mean ones, they skeer me.

Kat said...

I love to sit outside to read! Unfortunately the only reading I get to do out there is school book reading...

Janelle said...

This just reminded me that I still have one of your books. I meant to return it when I brought dinner to you. I guess it's another excuse to see you soon.

Baby Sweetness said...

I'm sorry I missed this one yesterday! I LOVE books! It's my greatest addicition - even more than shoes!

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