Sunday, January 17, 2010

All About MEme: Prompt for 1.18.10

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy


Total web-domination has really gone to Supah's head.  Following in the footsteps of some other famous lady, this week SupahMommy (with a lot of help from MommyBrain) is launching her very own Book Club!

We are assuming you, occasionally, have the time and motivation to read something other than each other's latest blog posts ;) 

Tell us about yourself as a reader ... of books.

Imagine you're being interviewed by Oprah Supah ...

Ummm, yeah, we know you're excited.  
But let's try to keep the crazy to a minimum, 'kay?

You know Oprah Supah asks the tough questions ... 

What are you currently reading?
When do you find the time to read?
Where do you do most of your reading?
How do you choose what you read?
From where do you get most of your books?
What do you do with a book after you've finished reading it?
What are your book (reading) quirks?

Think on it and come back Monday to Link up!

Next week's Oprah All About MEme ... Part 2 of Supah's Book Club

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