Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ESP - 4 Weeks Old

Disclaimer: This post is late ... I started it on the 31st but just now finished it ... oops!  If you're keeping track, CJV will actually be five weeks old tomorrow!

I am finding it very hard to believe that Charlotte is already four weeks old.  I am dreading the day when I have to leave weeks-counting behind ... it all just goes by too quickly!

For the most part, not much has changed in regards to Eating, Sleeping, and Pooping, but here's a quick update and a photo ...

After spending four days alternating between nursing and pumping/bottle-feeding ... every other feeding, we did not get good news at the doctor's office.  Charlotte went from gaining about an ounce-a-day to gaining just half an ounce in four days.  She is very capable of latching and sucking and swallowing.  It's really just a matter of how much she is able to take in and how many calories she is burning during a feed.  It appears that the effort needed to nurse successfully is greater than the amount of nourishment she is able to take in.  And so I've been pumping and bottle-feeding again ... with very good results.  I also borrowed a really good digital scale from my friend Magdalena.  This is by far my favorite piece of baby gear.  I find it hard not to weigh her all day everyday!  Which is how I know that she now weighs just over 6 pounds!  That is about a pound and a half gain since she was born.  As she reaches the 6 pound mark, we will stop adding the calorie powder to her bottles.

Oh, this baby is such a great sleeper ... during the day.  If only she could figure out how to be a stellar snoozer after midnight ... you know, when I want to be sleeping hardcore.  I can't change my schedule ... unless I also change my two-year old's schedule ... how crazy would that be?  Me and my newborn and my toddler all hanging out at 2:00 in the morning and sleeping 'til noon the next day ... like college kids on spring break or something!

Unfortunately, I have been resorting to letting Charlotte sleep with me.  I would much rather her sleep in the bassinet next to me, but she snorts and honks and clicks and beeps until I just can't stand it anymore!  It seems like the sound effects are louder and more persistent when she's tightly swaddled ... she gets really restless and determined to get those hands out of there. 

After changing, feeding, pumping, and holding upright, I only have a limited amount of time before it starts all over again ... like 90 minutes on average.  As I watch my potential sleep minutes tick away, I just surrender and scoop her up and cuddle until the alarm on my cell phone lets us know it's time to do it all over again.  She is completely content once we're snuggled together ... and I am able to get a solid 60 minutes of REM.

Surprisingly, that minuscule amount of sleep seems to be enough right now ... if you count the afternoon nap I am taking every single day.  Of course, that could all change tomorrow ...

Still sleeping great during the daytime ... and hit-or-miss at night.  Still prefers to be held while she sleeps, but she will sleep in her bassinet IF the conditions are right.  Her periods of alertness are increasing, and tummy time is in her near future.

Yep, still pooping.  We've had a few blow-outs, but nothing extraordinary.

Perhaps I should change the P from pooping to Personality ... that would be more fun, right?!

Well, sure enough, as we approached her due date and race toward the one month mark, CJV's tiny personality is emerging.
  • She loves to have her hands by her face and uses her arm to cover her eyes when she's sleeping.  She genuinely doesn't seem to love the swaddle.
  • She has the most adorable and frequent sleep grins ... much more often than I remember Natalie doing that.  I cannot wait to see a real smile!

I'll leave you with a photo ... and then I'm going to bed ... mama needs some zzzzzz's!


Chi-town momma said...

She is just so cute!!!
You are doing such a great job of pumping and nursing! It is hard work, but i am proud of you!

Epiphius said...

It's hard work, but that 1/5 an ounce is a step in the right direction! Keep it up! You're doing fanastic!

You might also find your milk supply increasing the more she sleeps next to you. I've heard that happens.

Jessica said...

Aw, those little sleep grins! I miss those. Glad to hear that you're getting at least some rest in. Isn't it incredible how little sleep we can survive on??

Shell said...

She is a doll!

Hang in there, mama! All babies sleep in the night eventually.

Baby Sweetness said...

so darn adorable!

singedwingangel said...

how precious is that.. I just love baby photos..

Raising Z said...

She is so beautiful :) Yes I think P should be for personality now. I am sorry to hear about her slow weight gain but happy to hear she is thriving everywhere else. As for sleep, my new way of life is to catch it when I can. It is not usually at the hours I would like (I hate going to bed before 9) but I do what I have to do to remain sane for Z ;)

Hang in there, you are doing great! I can't believe she is almost 5 weeks old. My little one is 11 weeks tomorrow...it sure flies by!

Yankee Girl said...

She is so sweet!

I like reading about pooping. But personality would be fun too. Maybe do both!

Mommy Lisa said...

Pretty pretty pretty girl. Loved that post. Remember those days! ;)

Emmett Joseph said...

What a beauty--just like her Mama! KIss those cheeks for me!

Janelle said...

Good job Dana! Colt slept in our bed a LOT because I was so exhausted (even though it was not what we wanted). Don't worry CJV will sleep in the bassinet soon enough.

Terri said...

She's so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her in person! G has a little something for her.... hugs to you all!

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