Friday, August 1, 2008

The Growing Cunninghams

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That's Hayden - calm and relaxed - Landon - known for his carefree tongue - Morgan - grousing just a bit - and Natalie looking so grown-up and happy :) Isn't this photo just priceless?

Natalie and I had the chance to visit my amazing friend Debbie and her adorable TRIPLETS. We also met Ruth, a sweet woman, who is fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with the four of them.

The babies were born on April 20th, but their due date was July 30th, so I was meeting one month old triplets who've already graced this world for more than three months. That's the only way I can wrap my brain around this miracle.

I've done my best to hold tight to the memory of seeing Debbie, my friend who is now a mommy, and meeting her babies, but some of it is a blur - because of emotions and the fact that I was chasing down my NHV while visiting. But here are just a few things that stand-out:

  • three happy, healthy babies, and did I mention ADORABLE?!
  • a happy, healthy, rested momma - not overwhelmed in the least
  • three swings all lined up and holding babies while they napped
  • the girls in their matching dresses - so cute!
  • a variety of Wub-a-Nubs - I am sure they are lifesavers!
  • Landon in my arms - he was so tiny but also sturdy
  • a small tub of medications administered before feedings
  • Starbucks - my favorite chai tea latte - waiting for me; thanks, Ruth!
  • a color-coded feeding/medication schedule typed in Comic Sans font
  • many, many monogrammed/personalized gifts; it was so fun to see those three names all over the place

Oh, I just can't wait to see The Growing Cunninghams again! In the meantime, I'll rely on Debbie's website updates to make me feel like I am there :)


TX momma said...

So jealous - this posting brought a tear to my eye. I know we did the right thing by not visiting, but it sucks...kind of like how you hate to share your blueberry muffin, I hate that I had to give up my chance to visit. The sacrifices of a mommy! GOod thing that there are so many perks to mommyhood!

~d said...

How fun!

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