Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nothing but ... Bs Flattened

Okay here's totally random ... as advertised ... you know what you're getting on this blog after reading the tag line under that fabulous title up there ... so no whining ... head shakes, grins, and belly laughs welcome :)

Nothing but ... Bananas Flattened
It seems like I think about food ... a lot ... lately. And my brain is not usually preoccupied for the sake of my own nourishment. No, I am constantly thinking about what to feed Natalie, especially when we leave the house for an extended period of time. There's nothing worse than a hungry baby melting down in public! Even if she isn't particularly hungry, it seems like food can slay the fussy monster before it rears it's terribly ugly little head. And before we leave the house, I arm myself with an easy-to-transport snack. Something like Gerber's Puffs; I like to pack a variety in the little container that once held three bottles worth of formula. Isn't that a clever re-purposing? I thought so, too. It has three sections and a little spout for pouring those puffs out in small "doses."

Ummm ... what does that have to do with Bananas Flattened? I'm not entirely sure ... but hey consider that an unexpected tip from me to you :) Anyway, back to the NBBF, a fantastic treat for on-the-go ... hiking, errands, trips to the park, ... you name it. And you can get your Bananas Flattened at Trader Joe's for about $1.29. It's a flat package that weighs just ounces, but the contents provide a plethora of nutrition and entertainment. The ingredient list is: Bananas. No crazy chemicals or coloring agents or crap you and your baby don't need. Just bananas. It is completely mind-boggling to me how they manage to process, flatten, and package those bananas in such a way to make them delicious and long-lasting (without chemicals) - the package I just bought doesn't expire until June 2009! How do they get those delicious bananas flattened and fresh for so long?! If you know, please tell me :) But the answer or lack of answer isn't going to keep me from buying and enjoying this delightful treat. You just peel off a slice and chew, chew, chew ... it is somewhat reminiscent of Fruit Roll-Ups from back in the day ... only it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth or turn your tongue/teeth weird colors. I can't remember what else I wanted to tell you about the Flattened Bananas ... mainly because part two of this post has been floating around my brain ...

Nothing but ... Bs Flattened
Along those same lines, but definitely not edible ... Natalie has been completely weaned for six weeks now, and boy, did the girls pay the price for that little 11-month work load. When I look down - where my once perky size C rack formerly resided - all I see are Bs Flattened! I mean the flattened part is bad enough, terrible actually. But how the heck did I lose a cup size? Something about that just isn't right! But is does explain why so many of my mommy friends with babies the same age as Natalie are thinking about and even trying to have a second child ... they all want their voluptuous ta-tas back. And I can't blame them. I may even join them! Definitely something to consider ...


TX momma said...

My friend once told me, "Just wait until you stop nursing, your boobs will be like pathetic little sacks!" Sad but oh so true. I looked at them in disgust the other day. I myself was only ever a full B (which was upgraded to an overwhelming C while preggo and nursing) so imagine how sad a tale I have! :(

~d said...

sad sad sad.. it doesn't get better either.

You had some great c's if I must non lesbian BUT totally noticed, say so myself.LOL!!

Enviable even. Pat yourself on the back for those puppies..

so the fact that they are flattened and possbily should be packaged up like bananas.. a trader joes tragedy.. lol!!

Get on that second kid thing STAT!: The boob fairy does not exist.

Oh...I'll say a little eulogy for b's.

Goodbye C's. Dana enjoyed you. Chad did more. You had a nice life surrounded by Victoria's secret. We will fondly remember you. REst in peace.


Elaina said...

I bought some of the bananas after reading about them here, and they are DEE-licious. Kind of like a banana jerky but with the taste of banana baby food - which I love too! Thanks for the recommendation!

MommyBrain said...

Love the comparison to Banana Jerky ... perfect description! SIL, you are the queen of product reviews :)

Oliver'sMom said...

Hey there my great new mommy ITP buddy! Oliver and I have a new blog, not much on it yet, but it's growing.

We should talk at our Oct meeting and set up a play date-maybe something like the Factoria Children's Museum?

Girl, you probably don't want to hear this, but man, I wish I had your problem. Seriously. I'm still a freekin DD. D before Oliver, and those puppies haven't gotten any smaller since weaning at 7 months old. Before you get mad, and not to get *too* graphic, but they are NOT a good looking DD. Can we say "belt bangers"? HA!!!!

Jen said...

Priceless... love it! Jen :)

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