Friday, February 11, 2011


I cannot get enough.

Believe me when I say I've tried ... 

to get enough.
I wake up thinking about it.
I fall asleep thinking about it.
I'm driving my husband crazy.  
He shakes his head.  
Gives me a knowing grin.
He doesn't like it as much as I do.

My first time was just a few weeks ago.
I have Chad to thank for introducing me.
Now I have it once, twice, ... 
maybe three times a day.

It can't be good for me.

But, oh, it is so (ridiculously) good!

I wonder if I am the only one 
who feels this way.

I wonder why it's taken me so long 
to discover ...

Did you blush reading this post?  I totally blushed while writing it.  I know it seemed like I was talking about something naughty ... but, no, it's not naughty ... it's Nutella!  Hard to believe I've gone my entire life without tasting its nutty, chocolatey goodness! 

The fact that it's in the house now - two large jars of it - is a result of Chad's recurrent problem with random Costco purchases.  There was a coupon, Chad was shopping solo at Costco, and - just like that - we became the proud owners of two large jars of Nutella. Well, actually, there is only one jar left ... because I have been eating it morning-noon-and-night!  And, yes, I did give him a hard time about the "impulse/gotta get the deal" purchase, but that was BEFORE I tasted Nutella for the first time.  Now, I am wishing he had maxed out the coupon limit and gotten four jars!

Nutella on a lightly toasted english muffin (multi-grain to up the nutritional value). Oh. My. God. 

So, please tell me if you LOVE Nutella as much as I do.  And please, please, please share your Nutella "recipes" - how do you eat your Nutella?


Laurie said...

Say WHAT??? How did you stay here with us and NOT experience Nutella??? We eat it several times a week! I just don't understand how you missed out - what did we eat for breakfast??? I feel bad that I allowed you to waste all these months without the pleasure of nutella! We do a peanut butter/nutella combo on top of a Whole grain waffle regularly around here!

Anonymous said...

All forms of Nutella are crazy good - even, dare I say, PLAIN! Nutella crepes with strawberries or bananas are a favorite weekend treat for us... YUM!

Gloria said...

Try Nutella on graham fave!! I've also heard of putting it in crescent rolls (Pillsbury) to make 'chocolate croissants'.

Oliver'sMom said...

Damn you Dana, damn you!!! MUST HAVE NUTELLA!!!!

Lee-Ann said...

Nutella is naughty! LOL

Jaime said...

English muffin is oh so good, I agree. Giada likes to use it, so check out some of her recipes! :)

*LLUVIA* said...

It's sooooo good!! I usually spread it on toast, but when no one is watching, I just dip in there with my finger and lick!!!

TheGrowingCunninghams said...

LOVE Nutella. Try spreading some in a Pillsbury Crescent roll, rolling it up, and baking it for a scrumptious breakfast treat.

SwizzlestickMama said...

We are Nutella crazy here! The kids love it too-- and I always feel slightly bad about giving it to them.

Super yummy! I just read to make S'mores with Nutella. We are trying it tomorrow for V-day...can't wait!

Elaina said...

I was swayed by Nutella's huge ad campaign (that tries to trick you into thinking Nutella is good for your as "part of a nutritious breakfast'. Yeah, the unhealthy part!) so I bought a jar myself. I have only eaten it by the heaping spoonful. Sinfully delicious. I let the kids try it once. They first said no, but I made them taste it. Of course, they loved it!

Kirsten said...

O.k. so , I can not believe my sister didn't post here since she introduced me to your blog...

She makes Nutella pancakes! My kids love them. They always ask her to make them when they sleep over.

I make nutella roll ups. Crescent rolls, with nutella spread on them and rolled up. For valentines day you can sprinkly with mini-chips. Yum!! We love Nutella on waffles, to but I saw someone post that already! Enjoy!!!

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