Monday, September 20, 2010

Butt Load of Baby Wipes

I believe I have written about my husband's historic difficulties when shopping at Costco.  There was one incident involving a case of canned green beans which resulted in his Costco privileges being revoked ... by me ... because we don't even eat canned green beans and my pantry at the time was the size of a shoe box!

Anyhoo ... my husband if frugal beyond belief.  But he also cannot refuse any deal of any kind. You wave a coupon in front of that man, and he's buying!  You offer him 15% off at REI, and he's maxing out his purchase potential. 

Case in point ... on this weekend's trip to Costco, Chad noticed a coupon for wipes.  I think you saved $4 and there was a limit of two, which is all fine and good - it's also $8 worth of savings as my husband pointed out.  And perhaps even a reason to get a bit excited ... IF you need wipes.  I suggested that we probably don't need THAT many wipes but Chad balked and then explained - in his most practical tone of voice - that Costco hardly ever has coupons for wipes.  And so, we brought home - the limit of TWO boxes of wipes. 

Upon returning home, I inventoried our existing baby wipe supply and found THREE boxes.  Granted one of those boxes only had three packages, but still ...

I had to do the math ...

Inside each box is 900 wipes!  900.  We have 4 full boxes - two boxes in each of the girls' closets - plus additional random packages scattered throughout the house - but I am just going to forget those for the sake of calculation - and not having to break out the calculator. 

Each box holds 900 wipes.
We have  4 boxes.
That's 3600 wipes.  
About 10 wipes per day for an entire year!

Now, tomorrow, I will be counting wipes ...
because, honestly, I don't have any idea 
whether or not I use 10 wipes per day.

What do you think?   How many wipes do you use in one day?
Does your husband have a similar shopping mentality?


Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

that is a LOT of wipes. whew! Thankfully, Hubs isn't much of a shopper, so I don't usually have to worry about such things! At least you know you won't be running out for a long time, right? :)

Chi-town momma said...

My girl craps...a lot...I use more than 10 wipes. And when Brandon changes a poopy diaper, he uses at least 10 wipes in one change...he is poopaphobic!
Perhaps you are attending a baby shower in the near future? You could give the mommy to be a box of wipes?

Jessica said...

Is Natalie still in diapers? If so, I bet you use 10 wipes a day. If you not, I bet you won't ever have to buy wipes again.

Sadly, I am the sucker for a deal at our house. If it's on sale I feel compelled to purchase. I get it from my mom.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

That's really funny. I saw that coupon and thought that we probably didn't need another whole box right now, but it was a good deal, so maybe we should split a box with you guys. Guess not!!

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