Thursday, February 24, 2011

hey there, blue eyes!

My dear sweet Natalie,
I am not entirely convince we look all that much alike.  In fact, I think you're a beautiful blend of both your daddy and me.  But I am taking credit for those baby blues!  So much of your personality is like looking in a mirror of my {much} younger self. 

You are sassy and talkative and sensitive and dramatic and curious and so smart! 

I, too, took some fashion risks of my own, but your sense of style is really a sight to behold! 

You love singing and dancing ... and having full attention on you.  I am so glad you inherited my hip hop moves and taste in music! 

You tackle new experiences with gusto but sometimes lack persistence to see it through; that is definitely a trait from me.   Hopefully your daddy's example will impact you that way it has me.

When you're hungry, your world begins to fall apart and you get an awful case of the grumpies.  You'll learn to keep snacks on hand - at all times!

You would rather stay inside and play dress up than go outside and play.  I think it's safe to say, we are both city girls.

I love you, NHV.  I love the smart, silly, inquisitive little girl that you are ... right now ... and always!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, Dana - inside and out! love, Nell

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

That second picture is absolutely priceless. I laughed about having snacks at all times... SP inherited the "hangries" from me, too!

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