Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Binky Inception

After three days of hard-fought afternoon binky battles involving an overtired three year old, 
After seven separate wake up calls for binky rescues the night before last,
After watching a certain Leonardo DiCaprio film,

Chad and I were chatting about our current binky situation.  Both girls LOVE their binkies.  A perpetual habit which I must accept blame for ... at least I've been very firm about only allowing the binky in bed/crib.  My girls don't walk around with a binky in their mouth.  But they do depend (heavily) on that piece of rubber to put themselves to sleep.

Natalie has been a good sleeper since the age of about 10-months - and was putting herself to sleep starting at about 3 or 4 months.  She typically sleeps 12+ hours a night. Until about three weeks ago, she took a three hour nap, too.  In my mind, getting tough about that binky means losing my good sleeper.

And I said I wouldn't make this same mistake with our second, but here I am again.  Charlotte was born 4 weeks early and needed practice with sucking.  There is also some research that supports the use of a pacifier at bedtime reduces your baby's risk of SIDS.  All of which seemed to justify giving Charlotte a binky when she was an infant.  Now that she's 14-months old (today!) and very attached to that darn thing and (finally) teething, I just don't know what to do!

When it occurred to us ... perhaps the answer is to make it their idea to give up the binky.  We need to plant the seed and wait for it to grow within their own subconscious.  Yes, folks, we need ourselves a Binky Inception!  Brilliant, right?!


VandyJ said...

If you get it to work, tell me how you did it. I have a very attached two year old and the time for a breakup is coming soon.

Emmett Joseph said...

E never took a binky, but we're having the same issue with his sippy cup. That along with Li-Li (compliments of Auntie D) are totally his comfort items. He asks for that darn sippy of milk all day long--and I know it can't be good for his teeth to nurse that sippy all day, but it provides so much comfort to him (and a welcome break for me!) Let me know how the inception goes, and maybe we'll try it!

Lee-Ann said...

Hope your Binky Inception works! My kids nevert took to one so I never had to take it away. Of course I had a 2 year old sleeping in bed with me though, lol.

*LLUVIA* said...

Oooohhhh! I can't wait to read about the results. Mine takes it for bedtime and naptimes and I just can't give up my quiet nightimes just yet. She's 16 months.

Raising Z said...

WE had the opposite problem, my kids wouldn't take them and were such bad sleepers! I think your idea is golden, I hope it works. Those pictures are precious! Miss you!

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