Thursday, February 24, 2011

Past. Present. Future.

My mom {Grammy} arrived just a little while ago.

Thanks to a persistent fever, Charlotte is not sleeping well (or on schedule) today. 

I just sat and rocked my daughter as my mom readied herself for bed in the room across the hall.

In the moment, I was looking at Charlotte's sweet, flushed face.  Feeling the warm and weight of her little body.  Noticing her hand resting on my neck.  And I thought, "This is my present.  My now."

Many years before this moment, my mom held me and looked at my face and felt my weight in her arms.  I wondered, if she stood in the doorway right now and watched this scene, what emotions would be conjured up?  What memories of me as a baby does she have tucked away?

Just like that, I could suddenly imagine myself as the mother of a mother.  Someday my daughters may play out this same scene in front of me.  I will be standing at the doorway recalling those quiet moments and warm cuddles.  Watching my daughter calm and cuddle and rock her own baby.

It's like a repeated image to infinity. One that can be viewed in both directions ... to the past and to the future ... while being in the moment.


jenny said...

i am so glad i stayed up late enough to catch this on my google reader tonight. this is BEAUTIFUL. nothing like a fresh perspective for a good night's sleep. :)

Epiphius said...

Lovely sentiment. I see those glimpses when Sparky is at play. Spunky.... she's another story.

Mommy Lisa said...

I totally love this - and I love I get to share things like this with my mother. :)

Procrasti-Mom said...

This is beautifully written, Dana! Very poignant. I should be part of a book :)

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