Monday, November 1, 2010

trick-or-treat 2010

As if it were a complete surprise, Natalie walked away from each door, 
gave her bucket a quick glance, and proclaimed,  
"I got a treat!"  
before hurrying off to the next house. 
I honestly think she was expecting some tricks!

Natalie's costume was a gift from Grammy.  It has been worn just about every day since September.  She calls it her "Frog Princess dress" and answers to "Tiana" when wearing it.   There's even a stuffed animal frog tucked under her arm.  To up the princess-ness, I painted her nails {for the first time} and put on some blue eye shadow and roll-on sparkles.  She insisted on a pony tail "in the back of my head" just like Tiana, which was no simple feat because of the length of her hair.  I talked her into two ponies - one on top, one in the back - with a couple barrettes to hold back the sides and a tiara, of course!

The pea costume worked out great!  {Thanks to my neighbor Laura for handing it down to us!}  While this costume does fit my PEAnut, the bunting-style is meant for a much younger baby so I cut it all along the back seam.  I found a green sleeper to keep her covered and warm.   Charlotte is forward-facing in my new {awesome} Pikkolo carrier with her arms through the sleeves.  And the Cindy Lou Who hat, just makes the outfit!

Of course, the little sister, my little PEAnut,
already has her sights set on ... 
being the princess!


Emmett Joseph said...

So adorable--maybe some day we'll be able to take our kids trick-or-treating together???

Nell said...

Your little trick-or-treaters were adorable! So glad I was in town to see them (and the parental units, of course!)

Mommy Lisa said...

When Boo Boo's hair was just a "tad" short of a straight back pony I would do a "top half" one and then pull the bottom half up and pony the top tail into it...

make sense? I have pictures!

Gosh are they ever CUTE!

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