Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

This Thanksgiving we decided to head for the mountains!  We loaded the car with everything needed to keep two young girls entertained, fed, and happy.  The two hour trek from our home to Mt. Rainier National Park  was so peaceful; CJV took her morning nap while NHV enjoyed the novelty of watching a DVD in the car.  Chad and I chatted and took in the scenery ... until I got carsick, which is standard-operating-procedure anytime I am in a moving vehicle for more than an hour.  We stopped and had lunch at the cutest little family-owned restaurant.  I couldn't believe it was open on Thanksgiving, and the owner was beyond gracious!  

After arriving at the lodge, all four of us - CJV in my awesome Pikkolo carrier - donned our best winter gear and headed out for a snowy adventure.  Chad pulled the girls in a sled.  Natalie marched through the deepest snow she could find and plopped down to make snow angels ... and just be silly ... a girl after her own mama's heart!  Amongst trees heavy with snow - and branches dropping mini-avalanches all around us - Chad built a snowman out of very powdery snow.  The girls supervised from the sidelines and made design suggestions.

Charlotte and I headed back to our two-room suite (and that's a term used loosely because the inn was very rustic ... but charming) and took an awesome afternoon nap together.   Chad and Natalie played some more and checked out the game room inside.

We met back up to get dressed for dinner and headed downstairs to the dining room. The lodge served a Thanksgiving dinner ... buffet-style.  It was most definitely mediocre but served its purpose (and kept me from having to cook).  There was another family there with a little one in a high chair, so naturally we chatted.  Come to find out the grandparents were born and raised near my own hometown - small world!  She also shared with me that this was their 25th Thanksgiving spent at Mt. Rainier.  I just love the thought of a tradition that lasts a quarter of a century!   Thus begins our own "new" tradition of taking a little Thanksgiving trip with the girls!


Emmett Joseph said...

Sounds like fun! Those girls look so cute all bundled up in the snow :)

Janelle said...

What a great tradition to start especially since you are not obligated to any family in town. It looks like a ton of fun!

BJ_Mama said...

HOW FUN! and once again your photo collage is BEYOND adorable! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Vs!

Chi-town momma said...

Glad you had a delightful time! Love the pics - that is an especially great family pic!

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